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What Is The Keto Diet – And Should You Try It?

Are you wondering what all the hype is about? If you’ve heard of the keto (or ketogenic) diet and feel baffled, you’ve come to the right place. The combination of a high-fat and low-carb diet may sound like a recipe for disaster, but it’s the latest dietary trend.

What’s more, despite how extreme it may first seem, there’s some evidence to suggest that it could have some remarkable health benefits in the long term. Whether you’re interested in giving it a go for yourself or just want to hear more about it, there’s a lot of information out there surrounding this eating program. Here’s a quick rundown of the basics and whether it could be the way to go for you.

What is the keto diet?

Looking to burn some serious fat? The keto diet could be the answer. The diet is specifically designed to put people into a so-called ketosis phase. When your insulin levels and carb levels are extremely low, your body enters a new metabolic state which means that it starts to use ketones as a source of energy. When your body reaches this state, it means that you should start to lose weight at a dramatic rate.

Over the years, people have adapted this diet in a range of ways. However, in its purest form, the keto diet consists of 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. Many people find that it is hard to cut back on carbs when they first start out. Much of the typical modern diet relies on foods, such as bread, rice, pasta, and more. When you commit to a diet of this nature, you will need to stop eating the vast majority of these things.

What are the benefits of the diet?

If there’s one thing that you’ve heard about the keto diet, it’s likely that it can lead to killer weight loss. How much truth is in that rumor? Well, when it comes to short-term results, there’s a lot to be said for this diet. The standard version of the plan has been researched in-depth which means that we know what benefits it can really yield. Here are some of the science-backed advantages of this eating plan:

You will feel full

The high-protein and high-fat aspects of this diet mean that you will likely feel fuller quicker when you first start out. For many people, that means that they don’t need to calorie count at all and can eat when they feel hungry. What’s more, research has found that the keto diet is more than twice as effective as a calorie-counting system when it comes to helping people lose weight.

It could prevent diseases

Weight loss is associated with a lower risk of some of the most common diseases. For that reason, the keto diet is sometimes prescribed for people with ongoing health conditions. Studies in this area suggest that choosing this diet could prevent some illnesses.

Improves blood sugar levels

Whether you’re suffering from type 2 diabetes or have blood sugar issues, the keto diet may be a smart move. One enlightening study found that eating this way could improve insulin sensitivity in participants by around 75%. Since this symptom is linked to diabetes, it is believed that those struggling with the illness could benefit.

Conclusion: Should you try the diet or not?

It’s important to emphasize the fact that, while the diet has remarkable results in the short-term, it could be dangerous in the long-term. Should you be considering it for yourself, it’s best to talk to a medical health professional. What’s more, there are side effects, including headaches, fatigue, and colds that you may encounter. For those reasons, it’s simply not recommended to follow the diet over a long period.

The truth is that there’s no ‘magic bullet’ when it comes to health and weight loss. You have to work at it each and every day. If you’re ready to start your journey toward a fitter future, contact me and let’s work together.


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