Monday - Sunday Based out of NJ/NYC


Six months ago I started training with Anthony. I was very apprehensive when I signed up, and certainly doubted myself and my minimum capabilities. Well I am proud to say that after six months, I am 50+ lbs. lighter and in so much better health than I have ever been. If it wasn’t for Anthony and his dedication to be alongside me on my journey, I could never have done this alone. There is more to go, and I look forward to this with optimism and perseverance knowing I am in the right place. Anthony has been a true inspiration and I am glad to call him my friend.

Theresa, Dumont

The experience of training with Anthony has been nothing short of amazing. In mere months he has helped me get out of my comfort zone and get me on the road to the most fit I have ever been. With his expertise, encouragement, patience, and humor, the gym is no longer an intimidating chore. He knows just the right level of intensity to make each workout feel challenging yet not overwhelming. He is warm and personable which helps the sessions fly by. Whether it is a Monday morning or Friday evening he summons the energy and motivation you need to simultaneously get results and have fun. You will not find anyone more dedicated and invested in your success.

CK , Tenafly

A few short months ago I felt out of control, like my body was a disaster and like I would never be able to reign myself in and get my health together. I felt like changing the course of my life was too big a task; that was two days before I met Anthony.
Easy on the eyes and crazy charming, moments after we met, he looked me in the eye and told me he was going to change my life. That’s exactly what he has done. He is unbelievably passionate about what he does. He has somehow, someway, figured out the perfect algorithm for successful and maintainable weight loss. Anthony has provided me with more support than I ever imagined I was going to get. Whether that means sending me a text to remind me to eat my snack or taking time out of his own day to come to Downtown Manhattan to workout with me, he’s truly blown me away. But, he’s no joke. He’s all business and tells you what you don’t want to hear, makes you do things you most definitely want to do and pushes all of your limits. But, ultimately, he gets your mind right. Anthony will lead you with the utmost integrity and passion and he cares whole-heartedly about each of his clients. There is no one I trust more than him to take this ride with. As Anthony loves to say: “#thisshitworks”

Lily, Englewood

Working with you, Anthony, has been such a positive experience on so many levels. You know how to create my unique workouts with an intensity where I am challenged without feeling frustrated. Your encouragement, along with the results I see, are incredibly motivating. You are in tune with what seems to be working or not working for me as an individual and can come up with a new exercise in a heartbeat to change it up. You’ve helped to create a place where I feel safe and secure. It is super intimidating going to a gym knowing there is weight to lose and muscle to gain, but you’ve always made me feel welcome and your focus on the positive makes me less self-conscious. We celebrate my accomplishments and are proud together. And I have fun, and what better way to becoming a healthier version of me?! I am so happy I took the leap!

Katie, Closter

I have been working with Anthony as my personal trainer for the past 8 weeks. In that short period of time, I could not be more thrilled with the results.
I came to Anthony with very specific physique goals that I was unable to achieve by working out my own or with other personal trainers….despite years of trying. Anthony very confidently took on the challenge. Anthony is exceptionally knowledgeable and his workouts are perfectly geared towards my intensity level and training goals. They are always challenging and fun. I truly look forward to our gym time. These amazing workouts combined with nutrition counseling and accountability have enabled me to crush the physique goals that I thought were impossible to attain.
Anthony has an incredible work ethic, is passionate and genuinely dedicated to the personal success of his clients. He truly is the best trainer.

Meredith, Tenafly

After hearing countless weight loss stories from women who had trained with Anthony, I had to check him out for myself!
I have worked with many personal trainers over the years and I realized very quickly that Anthony is not only a true master trainer with an amazing expertise in weight loss but also someone with an outstanding work ethic who is completely dedicated and will do whatever it takes to help his clients achieve their goals. At our first meeting, he listened to my goals, outlined a plan, asked for my commitment and then partnered and supported me every step of the way to exceed them beyond my wildest dreams! Every workout session with Anthony is fun, challenging and completely invigorating – he pushes me physically and emotionally to do things that I never believed I could do!! He is unbelievably dedicated – he is always responsive to my questions to help keep me on track and accountable and he even accommodates my request for crazy training days and times (6 am on Saturday!)! I love working with Anthony!! I am beyond thankful for his incredible expertise and support that has allowed me to exceed my goals, be mentally and physically stronger and look the best I have in my entire life!!!

MG, Tenafly