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Summertime Sadness? Tips to getting back on track with your fitness.

As summer comes to a close, the partying slows down, the weather cools up, and the kids are getting back home, there are only 2 things that come to mind about what you are possibly doing. 1 would be crying. whether its because your kids are finally back, or because your kids are back, that I don’t know! But 2 is- systems, schedules, and routines start going into place. Number 2 starts to happen around the first week of September, kids need to get dropped off, picked up, chauffeured around to sports, activities, playdates, tutors, etc. This sounds brutal to some, but there is a huge plus side! It means you are too busy to be partying, drinking, and eating poorly. Take advantage of the time where there is consistency and structure, and put some structure into the way you eat and move! Here are my Structure building tips for those of you looking to get back on the horse, lose weight, or simply start feeling in control of your fitness again!

1. Stay active. If you have to spend a lot of time in the car chauffeuring, get up an hour earlier than you normally are used to, and get moving! Its as simple as going outside and walking or getting on a treadmill at a 3 MPH pace. No hills, sprints, weight vests needed. Just MOVE! I’ve always recommended a minimum of 10k steps, but if you are used to that, don’t be afraid to set a new standard for yourself. I’ve always stuck to 12,500 steps per day myself and find it helps me stay lean and doesn’t make me too hungry from burning TOO many calories! (This all depends on your caloric intake, weight loss or maintenance goals, and injuries of course!)

2. HYDRATE. Our bodies are made up of mostly water (roughly 70%),which means for healthy bodily function, energy levels, recovery process, skin care, brain function, physical performance, one must be HYDRATED. Otherwise those will suffer tremendously. Ever wonder why we wake up with a headache most mornings after a night of drinking? Lets direct a night of drinking : usually starts at 8/9 pm, 5 beers or cocktails or glasses of wine, 2 shots, 7 pee breaks, 0 water, sleep at midnight, up at 6 AM with massive headache…. Interesting, no water in a nearly 10 hour period, multiple bathroom breaks to flush out whatever water was in your system since alcohol is known for its diuretic affects. Point is, you can see how important it is to hydrate and how easy it is to become dehydrated. DRINK MORE WATER. I always recommend a bottle of water per meal.

3. Obviously MAKE A WORKOUT SCHEDULE for yourself but don’t overwhelm yourself an set yourself up for failure. Book yourself 2 classes a week in advance, see your trainer once or twice a week and pay in advance, time will never be found for it, it needs to be made! Make the time.

4. Lastly, EAT BETTER. You do not need to be on a bodybuilder diet, or the oh so popular local “diet” that everyone speaks of but don’t realize it is really just small portioned meals, every 2-3 hours, and that those meals vary based on weight, height, allergies, goals, etc. Just find something you can live with, and if you want to lose weight, tighten up the reigns and put yourself in calculated deficit of calories by eating a little less at each meal. Although I preach one way of “dieting” and I do think it is the mot sustainable way as I have eaten this way for 10 years, many have seen success with other forms and fads! Find what you like and do that consistently. But just remember, for weight loss, a caloric deficit is the key.

Those are my 4 tips for getting back on track after this fun summer. If you need any help doing so, I do offer accountability coaching that you can purchase right on the sign up page on this site, and also offer high intensity (but low impact) personalized boxing classes at TA Bodyshop in Harrington Park NJ. Feel free to reach out with any questions at

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