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“Steps” Quality or Quantity?

Everyone knows they have to get their steps in, but is there a better way than just walking? Could just walking really help burn calories and shed those unwanted L Bs? Do we have to run? Do we need to take a spin class? Should we be on the stepper?

“But when I do those, I don’t get half the steps I get on the treadmill”





Think of a Fitbit or Apple Watch as the odometer on a car, is it rolling when the car is idling? no, but the car is still running and burning fuel. Unfortunately when you do a spin class or jump on the stair master for an hour, your hands are likely stagnant and holding on for dear life, meaning that in theory, there are no strides (steps) being taken. Just like the car, you aren’t really moving, but this doesn’t mean you aren’t burning calories (fuel). In fact, you may end up with half the steps but double or triple the calories burned.




Is there a better way to burn calories than walking?

Yes and no, walking is easily the most sustainable way to burn calories throughout the day..however, a higher intensity or interval training/exercise can definitely offer more calories burned in less time.


Do we have to run? or take spin? or get on the stepper?(I get this one a lot)

NO. If you think running, spinning, or the stepper is the missing link between you and your dream body, you are wrong. You most likely have bad eating habits and/or are not moving enough in general, and are covering it up with the idea that it is due to lack of grueling exercise to make yourself feel better about it. The best form of exercise we can do is the one we enjoy doing, so that we can continue doing it for the long haul! (Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint.)



My advice? 

Keep doing whatever you enjoy doing. If you like walking, walk! If you like spinning, (although I am totally against it personally due to the level of muscle tightness and or hip injuries I have noticed in most spin fanatics), spin! Just know that your step count may not really be as accurate as you hope after a spin class. Bottom line though? BE ACTIVE.

^^^TIP for that: put watch on shoe laces and get a few extra steps to put your ego at ease 😉

Hope this answers some of your questions, please forward any questions you’d like answered to me!


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