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Shoulders and Arms

Hi guys, here is one of my favorite circuits for a good shoulder and arm pump!

Remember to always warm up!!! And pick weights that are on the lighter side of what you can normally do as the high reps will catch up to you.


High reps, low rest

3 minutes on (working) Start the clock!

Bicep Hammer curls 20 x (reps)

Tricep dips 20 x

1 minute off (rest)

Repeat above circuit 2-3 times depending on your fitness level


Repeat the following for 2-3 rounds:

“21’s” dumbbell or barbell Bicep curls (7 halfway up from the extended position, 7 halfway down from the top flexed position, 7 full range of motion reps

Skull Crusher dumbbell or barbell tricep extensions 20x


3 minutes on, 1 minute off of the following (2-3 rounds)

side (lateral) raises 20x

front raises 20x

shoulder presses 20x




If you aren’t sure which weights to use, or if this workout suits your injuries, please contact me and ask for help! Otherwise, enjoy! -TA

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