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New Year, New You…For real this time…

Studies have shown that less than 50% of Americans make resolutions, and less than 10% of them stick to them…DONT BE ANOTHER STATISTIC.


Year after year you’re making promises you don’t keep, therefore setting yourself up for failure.


Use this blueprint to set yourself up for success in 2018:



Step 1: Set short term (somewhat realistic goals for the near future) and long term goals (may not seem realistic now, but challenge yourself and work your ass off)

I like to always have a business/financial goal, family life goal, and fitness goal..

(be as specific as you’d like. For example, If one of your goals is to have a successful Weight-loss coaching business and own a 991.2 Porsche GT3- visualize the exact color specs you’d want it in-what material steering wheel you’d want? manual or automatic? etc. Or you have a weight loss goal- picture yourself in the shape you’d like to be in-what clothes are you wearing? what sizes are those clothes? etc.)

Short term:                         Long term:

1._______                              1._______

2._______                             2._______

3._______                             3._______


Step 2: Set daily goals (like Andy Frisella-the MFCEO calls it “the power list” on episode 107 of his podcast)

Your Power List will be a small list of achievable tasks for the day that will get you a few steps closer to your goals. The key word there is ACHIEVABLE. Do not attempt to do too much, and do not expect something of yourself that you cannot achieve in that 1 day.

(For Ex. my power list usually has a few key things in it that I am always trying to make a habit, like working out/doing cardio, reading at least 10-15 pages a day of useful information pertaining to my goals, and doing a good deed…etc)

Power List:







Step 3: Last but not least, REWARD YOURSELF. 

If you succeed at anything that you set out to do, you should always have a reward in mind. Make a list of rewards for your short term and long term goals, and hold yourself to it!


Short term rewards:                     Long term rewards:

1._______                                            1.________

2._______                                           2.________

3._______                                           3.________



Make 2018 your effing year!


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