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life is short…do the thing

It has been a while since I have posted and as you may know I have been busy. It is not easy to take all your hard earned money and invest it into an idea all on your own, but damn is it exciting. 2019 thus far has been quite a bumpy ride. In this first quarter of 2019 I took the leap of faith and opened up a bootcamp business (TA Bodyshop), and within days was sued with an attempt to get it shutdown immediately. If you know me, you know I am hard headed, stubborn, and most importantly extremely passionate about what I want in this life. Needless to say the Bodyshop is on its third month of business and is offering some of the best classes in the area. My point here is: Life is short, do the thing and live with no regrets. Put your head down, make a plan, and most importantly EXECUTE.  This is your wake up call.


If there is something you’ve wanted to do but always talk yourself out of, find an excuse as to why the timing is not right, or just have a lot of people talking you out of taking that leap of faith, you need to put a strategy together and just DO THE DAMN THING. Because newsflash, the timing is never going to be just “right”. That “perfect opportunity” doesn’t exist, and quite honestly I have learned, that not many people want to see you doing better than them, so stop listening to the naysayers.


If you have an idea, do the damn thing. It will not be easy and it will most certainly take a lot of mental strength to keep it together and keep pushing forward, but it will most definitely be rewarding. Whether your goal is to just walk into the gym and start your fitness journey, or to invest all your money in a business idea, or to quit your job and move to the other side of the country… if you don’t do any of it, you will always ask yourself –

“What if I would have started working out a long time ago? What if I would have started that company? What if I moved when I had the chance? What if…”.


Your plan will change a million times, as all plans do, but you need to have a vision to aim with just to get the wheels spinning, and once those wheels are spinning you make your corrections, learn from mistakes and keep making progress on the way to greatness.

Life is too short to live with the what ifs…do the proper planning, make as bulletproof of a plan as you can make, and DO THE THING.



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