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How to not fall into the snow daze

School was cancelled, work was cancelled, the gyms are closed, you can’t drive your car, etc. It feels as though the only thing left to do is eat and binge watch crappy Television shows!…….BUT thats not the case! The work does not stop! In this game of fitness, and wanting to look and feel good, there are no real days off. Use this checklist and stay on course no matter what


1- Do I have a minimum of 10,000 steps?

If not, GET MOVING, if you do- KEEP MOVING

2- Am I eating what I am supposed to be eating?

Do not allow yourself to give in to temptations! Fill yourself with water, and healthy meals every 2/3 Hours to stay satiated and prevent any poor judgement calls.

3- Is boredom striking?

Do one of my at home workouts found on my blog, go outside and play with the kids, shovel the walkway/driveway, or simply go for a walk around the block and feel like a true bad ass!

4- Am I prepared for dinner?

if you are not, get in the kitchen and start cooking a healthy meal! some low/no sodium broth with shredded chicken and veggies sounds delicious during this Nor’easter..

5- Lastly, am I enjoying time with my family?

I may seem like a drill Sergeant at times but let’s not forget what really matters..the reason we truly want to be healthy and stick around for a long time..and that’s family! No better way to spend time together than to be trapped in on a snow day, so take this as your sign to go enjoy the presence of your loved ones-which has been scientifically proven to be doable without having to indulge in bad food 😉


Enjoy and stay safe -TA

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  1. Mara

    Love love love this blog post. Staying home is one of the hardest things to do when it’s snowing but life has changed from Netflix binging to non stop moving today

    Always making time for family they are what drive me ♥️

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