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Here Are The Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Protein

You are what you eat! There’s a whole load of wisdom in that time-old saying. When you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s crucial that you look at what you eat on a day-to-day basis. Getting a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and protein should be your top priority. Here are some of the signs that your diet lacks the protein that your body craves.

Food cravings

Are you feeling hungrier than usual? If you’re getting cravings left, right, and center, there could be a real reason for that. When you’re low on protein, your body starts to need more fuel than ever before.

You could find that you start to get hunger pangs at random times during the day or that you lust after sugary treats more than ever. When that happens, you should look at ways to increase your protein intake. Simple dietary changes could mean that you feel fuller for longer. As we all know, protein is the key here.   

Aching muscles

Aches and pains are often hard to ignore. When you feel that your joints and muscles are hurting all of the time, it can impact your life in more ways than you imagine. Don’t panic. The long-chain amino acid which make-up protein are essential in building muscle. Without them, you could find that you feel weaker and achy.

When you feel that you’re muscles are weaker than usual, you absolutely need to do something about it. Changing your diet is an excellent place to start. You should also make sure that you’re working out to the right level for you. Of course, if this problem continues, you will likely need to see a medical professional.

Weak hair and nails

Is your hair thinning? Are your nails brittle? When you notice these issues, they could be symptomatic of deeper problems. You could find that your skin starts to become dry and peel as well. Vitamin and protein deficiencies often cause these annoying issues. Take the time to assess your current diet and figure out what the underlying reason is.

A lack of protein in your diet can affect all kinds of things that you might not imagine. Seeing these seemingly unimportant signs means that you have to take action. Ignoring the problem will only turn out badly in the long run. Don’t make that mistake.

Low immunity

While we all get sick now and then, a continuous stream of illnesses is cause for concern. You might find that you always have a cold or pick up stomach bugs quickly. If that’s the case, you might want to think about your immune system and how it affects your health. When you have a really low level of immunity, it means that you’re at risk of getting ill more and more often. That should be a major red flag.

So, what does protein have to do with your immune system? Well, it’s quite simple. Recent research has found a major link between a strong immunity and how much protein you eat. What’s more, the study found that boosting the amount of protein you have in your diet could be the secret to avoiding inflammatory illnesses.


Feeling fuzzy? When you’re tired or not clear minded on a daily basis, that is a cause for concern. Sure, you might think that you’re simply not getting enough rest (and that might be true!), but there could be another reason for your sleepiness. When you fail to get the protein that you need, your body reacts in weird and not-so-wonderful ways.

One such way is through making your tired. Think of protein as fuel and your body as an engine. If it doesn’t have all that it needs, it simply can’t work to the highest level. Of course, there could be all manner of reasons that you’re feeling sleepy, but this is one that you should consider and perhaps look into.


Your diet is the baseline of your health and don’t you forget it! Protein is essential for a variety of health-related reasons. That’s why it’s important that you take the time to get as much of the stuff as your body needs. It’s not rocket science. Make sure you do your research and get it right from the offset. Simple.

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