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Cardio myth busting

Everyone knows that part of being in good shape entails that some form of cardio needs to be done..but does it have to be an hour on the stair master? Running a 1/2 marathon on the treadmill? NO. Of course, burning more calories puts you in more of a deficit if you aren’t taking in more calories than you are burning, which leads to weight loss, however, there is scientific proof that naturally staying active throughout the day (10k steps a day minimum), and keeping the intense cardio sessions to a shorter time frame are much more effective for looking good. (this does not apply if you want to be a world class marathon runner)


Am I doing enough cardio?

Depending on your physique goals, your nutrition, and in some cases-genetics, being a cardio bunny may not be necessary, and most likely isn’t unless you are eating too much of the wrong stuff. Who wants to be on a treadmill for an hour anyway? BORING. Not to mention, your body will start eating away at the muscle that you do have, due to the fact that your heart rate is through the roof for such a long period of time and it needs all the energy it can use to keep you moving. Anyway, Lets break this down and use an average person that just wants to be at a healthy weight and look good-as an example.


Goals: Healthy body-weight, toned

Nutrition: Take in ONLY as many calories as your body needs to maintain a “healthy” body-weight, configured of mostly LEAN Protein, some HEALTHY Fats, and some GOOD Carbs…(in that order)

Genetics: This is a touchy subject, as I rarely will use this as a legitimate excuse for not being in shape, but some people are born with genes that make it very difficult (not impossible) to build muscle/easy to put fat on…however, this is mostly reversible through hard work and discipline (sometimes a little harder work and more discipline than others need to have) but it is most certainly doable.


The real answer to the Cardio questions is simple- YOU CANNOT OUTWORK A BAD DIET. Eat right, be active, look good. It really is that simple. Get to work!


As usual, I hope you enjoy the content. Any questions just ask -TA

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  1. Mara

    I have always gotten angry at myself because I have always been at the gym and only within the last two years started to lose weight. I always thought the more I exercised the more I could eat and I now know it’s not true as much as I wish it was

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