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Burning out…cool in a car…not so cool in life

Sleepiness, laziness, fatigue, cloudy thoughts, feeling like you’re spinning your wheels…


Have you ever felt any of this?


I know i have, and tend to get this feeling every few months..what is it all about?


We all experience burn out. Depending on your perspective, it could fucking suck…or be a blessing in disguise–which it is and i am going to explain why….. Without burn out, without that feeling of cloudiness, without that kick in the ass that makes you realize you haven’t made any progress in a while, you wouldn’t really know that the fire was dimming out right in front of you. Burnout could be caused by boredom, lack or blindness of gratitude, impatience, and i am sure a few other things, but these tend to be of most importance to me when it comes to helping pull myself out of burn out. Think of those 3 words, now figure out how to make your daily routine un-bored. Then, write everything you are grateful for on a big white board (or a sheet of paper, or on a computer or whatever the hell just make the damn list!!). Lastly, think thoroughly about how impatience may be causing the burnout, and if it is, think about where you are and where you have been and how although life is short, there is plenty of time to do what we want, and that everything we do on a daily basis is setting us up for success, or for failure. Every little choice is yours to make! I personally am writing this as i pull myself out of a phase myself, and know that pointing those 3 things out tend to help me get back on track to making the right steps on a daily basis. Other than asking myself those questions, what else do i do to rebound from burn out? Here are my tips:

  • MAKE A LIST: Get a notebook you can carry around everyday with you, put the date on the first page and mark down 5 bullet points of things you would like to get done tomorrow…BE REALISTIC. You can’t build a million dollar corporation over-night…but you can start offering a service, or add a service, or figure out a way to offer more value to your customers…something as simple as offering a thank you text to friends or a motivational text to clients, or an i love you to your significant other that you havent said that to in weeks just because you’ve had your mind on other things..can be the catalyst that lays the foundation for that million dollar corporation or that person to realize that you do care about them.


  • READ: Im not talking about twilight or 50 shades of grey, im talking about picking up a book that will help make you better at something you want to do/make you a better person. I dont want to be naive and say everyone should read business books, but find sometihgn you want to be better at, or learn about, whether it be business, fitness, mechanics, science, relationships, friendships, etc. find a topic that will BENEFIT YOU and allow you to add value to others lives.
  • CHANGE SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR ROUTINE: Chances are if you are burnt out its because you are just bored of doing the same shit everyday and are losing sight of the big picture…so change your routine slightly to remind you of why you are doing it…whether it be to wake up earlier, add or remove a workout, recover better after workouts, take more time off (or work more)…a slight change will help keep you from getting bored of your daily routine
  • EAT HEALTHIER FOOD AND HYDRATE: I dont mean to go all personal trainer on you, but bottom line: you look and feel better eating healthier food and staying hydrated.  Truly is mind-blowing (or is it?)  but in my opinion the closest thing to a cure all would be a healthy living…do it and thank me later.



If you have any questions related to this and or could use some help, lets chat!

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