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Homemade Sweet Treats

After dinner, I like to reward myself with something sweet before bed. I’ll usually grab a sugar-free jello or sugar-free pudding, but it’s nice to switch it up if I have a little prep time during the day or even the night before. Try putting a ripe banana in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, put […]

Grab & Go Breakfast

If you’re anything like me, having a sit-down breakfast is usually not an option. Preparing myself the night before makes my mornings run more smoothly while knowing I’m getting the nutrients I need to fuel my body and kick start my day. Here are a few of my super simple go-to recipes. Overnight Oats — […]

Tips For Catching Some Z’s

Doing a few simple things before bed could ensure a better night’s sleep and have you waking up feeling refreshed. Start by getting a routine together. If you get into a habit of doing the same things around the same time regularly, you’re preparing yourself for what’s to come so your body can already anticipate […]

Are you drinking enough water?

There are usually a few signs that can help you figure this out, for instance, being dehydrated could lead to: lightheadedness dry skin confusion lack of energy a feeling of “hunger” yellow urine   So how do we fix this? Everybody is different, as is everyones level of activity which also determines how hydrated one […]

“Which sneakers should I be working out in?”

I tend to get asked this question a lot….my answer is- the pair you feel most comfortability/stability/support wearing! However, sometimes those comfy/supportive sneakers aren’t always at the top of the list when it comes to being fashion forward, so here are my personal Top 3 favorite workout sneakers based on: comfort, stability, support, and looks […]

One of my favorite upper body workouts!

  Always warm up and stretch! (Pick weights that are on the lighter side of what you are capable of doing to start and adjust accordingly) Conditioning/Warm up: repeat 2x 20 seconds of cherry pickers 20 seconds of jumping jacks Circuit 1 (3 minutes on, 1 minute off) complete as many supersets in the 3 […]

DIY Booty Blast!!

Try this circuit anywhere at any time for a serious butt pump! (if you have any pre existing injuries and or pains please reach out and ask if any modifications should be made to the routine to avoid injury)   complete circuit 4-5 times:   30 squats  30 alternating walking lunges 30 alternating step ups […]

New Year, New You…For real this time…

Studies have shown that less than 50% of Americans make resolutions, and less than 10% of them stick to them…DONT BE ANOTHER STATISTIC.   Year after year you’re making promises you don’t keep, therefore setting yourself up for failure.   Use this blueprint to set yourself up for success in 2018:     Step 1: […]

Pre-Vacay Detox!!

Don’t want to feel like a beached whale this winter break?   Here are my tips:   –STAY AWAY FROM: gluten, wheat, and dairy (these things tend to cause water retention or “bloating) -stay away from added sugars (artificial sweetener is ok, some say it will most likely kill you but not make you fat) […]