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at times, Less is More

I recently spoke to a young man about his diet and his workout routine, to my surprise he was very well versed and seems to have done his research on nutrition and training. However, he was still not sure if what he was doing was the right thing to do to get a 6 pack. So as I dug deeper I learned a few things that I was able to help him tweak going forward and it made me realize that a lot of people make these VERY common mistakes and all it does is give fitness a bad wrap so I am going to address these things here in case you are that person as well.


Firstly, the topic of this post is Less is More. WHY? because some times, it is!


When it comes to your workout regimen, you DO NOT have to be in the gym for an hour and a half, beat the crap out of your body, or be on a treadmill doing sprints or running half marathons. Fitness is about longevity, consistency, and discipline.


Unfortunately, you can’t consistently beat the crap out of yourself because eventually it sucks and makes the gym pretty miserable.

-being sore is not the only indicator of a successful training session. although soreness is one way of telling you shocked the muscle, there are plenty of other ways to see that it was a good workout. for instance the way you feel not just physically but mentally too after the workout ! (easiest tell tale), if you hit any Pos (personal records. or if you were able to just do something you weren’t able to do previously. all make for PROGRESS!

You can’t waste an hour and a half of your busy day at the gym.

-keep your workouts quick and effective. Hit the muscle groups you want to hit hard, with a higher intensity so that your heart rates stays in a fat burning zone. adding some Super sets and drop sets always help do the trick here. workouts should not be more than 45 minutes when done properly!

And you certainly shouldn’t run so much when trying to build some muscle and keep it! (sorry runners, there is a direct correlation to running 3+ miles a day and 0 muscle mass.) –> I made that up but really, there aren’t many jacked runners for a reason.

-when you run, your heart rate shoots up, well past 150, meaning your body has to find fuel (energy) from any source it can, which can be fat OR muscle!!! so, keep the intensity on the treadmill down to a 3-4 mph pace, you will notice that a steady state cardio regimen will be easier to keep up, less risk of injury, and yield better results when it comes to putting on visible muscle/keeping it on.




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