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at home Ab routine!

looking to get ripped abs? unfortunately this one workout will not do it. But this workout, with proper nutrition, and an active lifestyle, can surely build a strong foundation and bring on some progress in your search for a 6 pack!


10 round at home ab workout! (if you have any back injury or back pain, consult trainer prior to trying this workout! If any pain during this workout stop workout immediately)


set a timer and try to finish this workout in 15 minutes or less!


  1. 10 Cat-Cows ( on hands and knees, chin into chest-round out back-squeeze belly button to spine-flex/contract core as much as possible and exhale-hold for 3 second count, then lift your head up as you arch your back slowly and take a deep breath stretching your abs and chest )
  2. 30 Crunches ( on back-knees bent or legs flat/straight-both hands behind head but not pulling on head-chin to the ceiling-elbows open-short motion pressing lower back into bench 3 inch range of motion- THIS IS NOT A SIT UP)
  3. 1 minute Low plank position (on forearm/elbows)
  4. 30 bicycle twists
  5. 1 minute of high plank shoulder taps (keeping core engaged-legs wide for stability-do not swing hips side to side)
  6. 30 penguins (on back in crunch position-arms extended at sides-reach heal to heal side to side)
  7. 30 plank ups (from a low plank position-to a high plank position-keeping hips straight and as stabile as possible)
  8. 30 alternating toe touches (lying on back-legs straight up to the ceiling-reach right hand to left foot and left hand to right foot)
  9. hollow body hold as long as possible (lay flat on floor-lift legs up about 2-5 inches off ground-lift shoulder 2-5 inches off ground-chin in chest-reach for your feet and hold that position)
  10. plank as long as possible

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