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About Me

About Me

Thomas-Anthony Jimenez- Owner of TA Bodyshop

About Me I am a North Jersey/New York City based Weight Loss Consultant and Fitness Coach. My passion for Fitness began at a young age as my father is a Professional Bodybuilder who had dedicated his whole life to the sport after serving in the United States Marine Corps. I fell in love with this lifestyle the first time I worked out as it has taught me to be disciplined and hard-working, which has helped me in every aspect of my life. 

Experience I have spent years studying and analyzing the human body under some of the most respectable mentors in the field including Alfonso Duran, Tom Jimenez, and John Wardell. This has helped me create a bulletproof weight-loss/muscle building system. I specialize in Weight-Loss and strength/conditioning for men and women.

My Method I use a simple approach to achieve fitness goals of all levels and more importantly, make these results sustainable. With proper nutrition, a FUN workout routine, and some calculated daily disciplines, fitness is made easy and enjoyable. My method revolves around putting the least amount of effort into the process, and gaining all the benefits of it. Using a variety of training techniques including but not limited to bodybuilding, powerlifting, olympic lifting, crossfit, HIIT, and bodyweight.

My Mission Make people feel great about themselves. Although losing weight is a great accomplishment, the greatest part of a weight loss journey is the way someone feels after they succeed. 


TA Bodyshop TA Bodyshop is a fitness class boutique offering group boxing and fitness classes to people of all fitness levels. Utilizing training techniques from boxing, weight training, olympic lifting, crossfit, strength and conditioning, and calisthenics, workouts are made fun and exciting while maintaining a very results driven and most importantly SAFE workout and atmosphere. Located at 76 Schraalenburgh Road, Harrington Park, NJ 07640.  

“Mix work ethic with the proper guidance and one can achieve greatness.” T-A